For individual owners of real estate we carry out the following:

  • consultation and counselling concerning all kinds of real estate,
  • sale and lease of all kinds of real estate,
  • consultation at optimal setting of prices of real estate,
  • complex marketing and support of sale and lease of real estate,
  • legal services,
  • consultations for securing advantageous economic conditions at acquiring resources for real estate financing,
  • assistance at negotiation of prices and payment conditions.

For investors and developers of projects we carry out the following:

  • sale or lease of all particular parts of projects,
  • analysis of the market and selection of target groups,
  • consultation and counselling in preparatory phases of projects including consultations with representatives of state administration and self-government,
  • setting optimal selling strategy of projects including time schedules,
  • SWOT analyses of projects,
  • management of client changes,
  • complex marketing and support of project sale,
  • legal services,
  • consultation and counselling in the field of architecture and design of projects,
  • analysis of rate of return of invested financial resources (ROI) in projects.