Our company specializes in providing legal and consulting services in the field of real estate law.

Our wide offer of these services we are able to closely tailor to your individual needs, whether in the legal representation before the courts or the legal representation before the state and public administration and local government as well as from all institutions and service providers.

For all legal cases, our company's representatives approach individually and consistently. The versatility of legal services in various areas of real estate law is ensured through our internal employees as well as external consultants from the range of lawyers, tax advisors, executors, notaries and other professional consultants.

You do not have to worry about the rate of fees for our legal and other counseling services, as our company will introduce you and agree with you in advance, and most rewards (if possible) for our services are applied in a „success fee“ way. based on the agreed percentage reward from your total or partial economic yield for your partial or total success.

Scope of our services:

  • Elaboration of all types of contracts (purchase, gift agreement, rental and other),
  • Elaboration of all types of contracts relating to property rights (lien, rent, real estate),
  • Dismissal of the auction and execution of real estate and property,
  • Representation in territorial and construction proceedings,
  • Representation in disputes concerning the determination of ownership of the property,
  • Representation in land-legal disputes,
  • Performing legal audits in the field of real estate rights,
  • Preparation of legal solutions related to project financing in transactions with real estate.